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[ SOLO PACK ] 7 Months of Art Improvement Challenge

[ SOLO PACK ] 7 Months of Art Improvement Challenge

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This version contains assignments, a few of the drawings, sketches, and studies I did, and the gesture drawing Brushes Pack.

  • Assignment lists: 28 PDF files x 3 assignments
  • HD Images: over 400 PNG files
  • Gesture Drawing Brushes
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In this SOLO Version of 7 Months of Improvement Challenge I am sharing with you all the weekly assignments I followed in order to improve my art fundamentals along with resources, a few examples of accomplished assignments, and 8 Brushes I used for gesture drawing.

In the FULL PACK of the 7 Months of Improvement Challenge you can find a lot more content such us:

• Assignments, Show-how livestreams, Video processes, more examples, and Full Pack Brushes (Photoshop and Procreate).

  • You'll get:

    • Assignments
    • Few Image Examples per assignment
    • Gesture Drawing Brushes
  • You'll get:

    • Assignments
    • All Image Examples
    • Video Processes
    • Show-how Livestreams
    • PSD Files
    • Brushes (Full Pack)
    • Bonuses

Shor Story

about the 7 Months of Improvement Challenge

In 2018, I have decided to dedicate my life to art. Not having an art school nor any art knowledge. After a few years of tries and fails, I felt like I miss something important, so I decided to give up on everything I already knew about art and start learning and improving art fundamentals.

So in 2020, I made a list of what I need to study, and what I need to improve. Then I spread all the topics over 7 months' time, and voilà!

The 7 Months of Improvement Challenge came to life.

Every week I made assignments for myself and then accomplished them over the week. I have recorded all the processes and shared them with other people who joined the challenge.

I made it for myself first, and I can surely say it worked for me and for more Souls who have accomplished it along.