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IN2D Animation Challenge

IN2D Animation Challenge

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A 6-months long challenge for beginners that helps you learn and practice animation from scratch. You will focus on the basics of animation, will understand keys and timing, will practice volume consistency, and will dive into the principles of animation.

Every two weeks you'll have a list of assignments with resources, examples, and practical exercises to do in order to understand the topics better. I accomplished the assignments myself and I shared my approach and the steps I have followed along with show-how videos, PSD files and animated gifs.

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Designed for beginners, this 6-month challenge provides you with a guided and supportive environment to learn the basics of animation. With assignments, resources, and practical exercises every two weeks, you'll also get access to video tutorials and draw-along videos to help you apply what you've learned.


• examples and resources
free online resources of other artists’ examples and tutorials on how to better understand the topic.

• practical exercises
homework with a few practical exercises that allow you to apply what you've learned. These exercises are designed to help you develop your skills and gain hands-on experience in animation, ensuring that you are well-prepared to tackle more complex topics as you progress through the challenge.


  • HD Images and GIFs
    examples of my approach to the assignments with side notes and tips.
  • videos
    time-lapse and real-time video process of my accomplished examples.
  • walk-through videos
    I will share my thoughts and tips on a better understanding of the topic.
  • PSD files and brushes
    all the behind-the-scene content so you can have a closer look on how I have approached the topics in animation.
  • MONTH 01

    • about frames/keys
    extremes, breakdowns, in-betweens
    • timing
    relationship between spacing and exposure

  • MONTH 02

    • volumes
    understanding volumes & how they move in space
    • consistency
    keeping the volumes consistent

  • MONTH 03

    • straight ahead and pose to pose
    animation principle
    • ease in and ease out
    animation principle

  • MONTH 04

    • squash and stretch
    animation principle
    • arcs
    gesture arcs and arcs of movement

  • MONTH 05

    • follow through and overlapping
    animation principle
    • secondary action
    animation principle

  • MONTH 06

    • anticipation
    animation principle
    • exaggeration
    expressive and full of life animation