Aalma do Luar

Short story: I am Aalma and I love to explore art fields and improve as an artist. I started taking art seriously back in 2018. Since then, I'm continuously challenging myself to master art fundamentals, learn new techniques and understand art in general.

Everything I do at this moment is dedicated to my love for animation [mostly 2D animation] and art that speaks through feelings.

As for the long story: I never knew I will fulfill a career in art. Even though I always felt that artistic call in my veins, life has taken me through different jobs and paths that have nothing in common with art.

In 2012, I saw the Thought of You - by Ryan Woodward animation and totally fell in love with it. That was the moment I realized I want to do art! I wanted to be able to show through my art the level of emotions and feelings Ryan does. So I started to explore drawing.

No one told me that the art path is full of struggles, tries, and fails. As a simple human who needs to survive, eat and pay bills, I shortly abandoned the idea of a career as an artist and started to work as a graphic designer. I still did some illustrations here and there just for fun and relaxation.

Only in 2018, after several years of saving money and figuring out what exactly I want to do, I gave myself two years to learn, practice, and master digital art, especially 2D animation.

I made an Instagram account [which you can find HERE] and started exploring. Even though my initial goal was to create animation, I easily let myself caught in the social media trap where I forced myself to draw what I thought the audience liked the most, so I ended up doing illustrations of beautiful and cute girls.

In the winter of 2020, I realized I am not on the path I want to follow, so I stopped for a bit, asked myself some questions, and finally came to the conclusion that I need to dive deeper into art fundamentals. So I challenged myself for the first time with the 7 Months of Improvement Challenge. I focussed my attention on Anatomy, Gesture Drawing, Color and Light Theory, and other fundamentals. I decided to share my journey with other artistic souls, and it was my best decision till then. It was so fun to learn and improve along with others that, after accomplishing the 1st challenge, I made the second one - A Topic a Week art-Improvement Challenge where I focussed mostly on deepening my understanding of the human body.

So... finally, in 2022 I managed to get back to my roots. I started the IN2D Animation Challenge. I finally started to animate!

My aspirations are big, and I am slowly but surely moving toward them.