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[FULL PACK] 7 Months of art Improvement Challenge

[FULL PACK] 7 Months of art Improvement Challenge

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Improve your art fundamentals and become a better artist!

Learn Anatomy, Gesture/Figure Drawing, Head Construction and Facial expressions, Composition and Environment Design, and master Color and Light.

Find assignments, my studies in images, video processes, and recorded live streams where I am explaining tips and tricks I have learned on the way to accomplishing this challenge myself.

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About the Challenge - Video


I structured this challenge for my own improvement in the firs place. Now I am sharing all the steps and behind-the-scenes with you so you can practice and improve along

• In-depth study of Anatomy, Gesture/Figure Drawing, and Color and Light Studies

• Quick study of Head Studies + Facial Expressions, Clothing, Composition, Perspective, and Environment Design,

• Assignments, show-how Videos, examples.

Anatomy in Details

Understand Anatomy in depth like muscles, bones, and body construction Based on Proko "Anatomy" course I will provide you assignments, resources, and examples to better handle the human body drawing.

Gesture/Figure Drawing

You will better understand how to work with shapes and silhouettes, understand human forms and values, and finally, how to add dynamics and flow to your gesture drawings.

Color and Light

A bunch of exercises that will challenge you to study different types of light, how the color changes depending on the temperature, and color and lighting affects mood.

Head Study and Facial Expressions

Assignments for this topic are breaking the head into parts like the nose, lips, eyes, and overall head construction. After learning head construction, there will be assignments that will challenge you to better understand facial expressions.

CLOTHING - during the challenge, you will have assignments that will help you better understand fabric folds and how to draw clothing.

ENVIRONMENT DESIGN - includes assignments that focus on studying composition, perspective types, trees, clouds, water, and rocks, after which you'll have to combine them all in a nature study.


• Assignments [PDF]
• HD Images
[LPEG and/or PNG]
• Video Processes
• Time-lapse Videos
• Recorded Livestreams
• Brushes
[Procreate and Photoshop]

Short Story

about the 7 Months of Improvement Challenge

In 2018, I have decided to dedicate my life to art. Not having an art school nor any art knowledge. After a few years of tries and fails, I felt like I miss something important, so I decided to give up on everything I already knew about art and start learning and improving art fundamentals.

So in 2020, I made a list of what I need to study, and what I need to improve. Then I spread all the topics over 7 months' time, and voilà!

The 7 Months of Improvement Challenge came to life.

Every week I made assignments for myself and then accomplished them over the week. I have recorded all the processes and shared them with other people who joined the challenge.

I made it for myself first, and I can surely say it worked for me and for more Souls who have accomplished it along.

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