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HEAD STUDY - art Improvement Challenge

HEAD STUDY - art Improvement Challenge

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In this little challenge, I focused my attention to study the head in-depth, so I dedicated each week to one topic to study.

  • Head Anatomy,
  • Head in Perspective,
  • Facial Expressions,
  • Head Exaggeration (+styles),
  • Head in different Lighting and Color setups,
  • Hair and Head Accessories.
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• Assignments [PDF]

• HD Images[LPEG and/or PNG]

• Video Processes [mp4]

• Time-lapse Videos [mp4]

• Recorded Livestreams mp4]

• Brushes [Procreate and Photoshop]

Shor Story

about the A Topic a Week Improvement Challenge

After accomplishing the 7 Months of Improvement Challenge back in 2019 I felt like I needed to deepen my knowledge even more so I made a list with the topics I struggle with the most and... Voila!

Here came the second challenge - A Topic a Week art-Improvement Challenge!

I wanted to focus more on practicing the human body in different situations like Anatomy, Exaggeration, Light and Colo, etc. So I spread all the topics I wanted to study over several weeks. Then I took one by one, created assignments, and accomplished them.

I made it for myself first and I can surely say it worked for me and for more Souls who have accomplished it along. You will have all the processes including recorded videos with voice-over, images, studies PSD files, and Brushes I used.

Try it and see the difference!

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