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Designing a Character [Process + PSD + Brushes]

Designing a Character [Process + PSD + Brushes]

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Sharing with you the process with tips, tricks, and my thoughts on how to design a character. So if you have a character in your head, the content here will help you put it on paper.

You'll have:

  • Walking-Trough [show-how] video + process: I am walking you through all the processes, sharing the steps I followed and tricks I used while designing the character.

  • HD images with notes: During the process, I made notes for myself which helped me stay true and design the character.

  • PSD file which will help you see in detail the process, also you can use the templates [like the head, body, and clothes] for your own character.

  • Brushes: all my Photoshop brushes which contain brushes for gesture drawing, natural texture brushes, special brushes, and smudge tools.


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